Increase your Facebook Page Likes

Did you know that you can invite users who have liked your page posts but not your page to follow you?

No? Let me show you how.

1 – Find a post on your page and click under the post where Facebook shows you how many people have liked the post.

add likes pic 1

2 – In the windows that appears you will see a list of all the users who have liked your post. There are 3 different buttons that show on the right hand side of the window. These are –

  • Invited – These are users that have previously been invited to like your page. These users cannot be invited again by you.
  • Liked – These users already like and follow your page.
  • Invite – These are the users you are interested in. Click on the Invite button to send them an invitation to like your Page.
add likes pic 2

That’s it! A simple feature to help you to invite Facebook users who are already interested in what you have to say to like your page.

Have something to add to this or any other tips to help increase likes on your Facebook page? Please comment below.

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