How to – Invite your Facebook friends to Like a Facebook page

Small businesses thrive when customers pass on their recommendations to friends and family. This is how many businesses continue to grow year on year despite spending a minimal amount on advertising. Face to face it is easy to pass on your recommendations but what about on Facebook?

There are two ways to do this:

1. Send an invitation from the page to any of your friends that you think would like to follow the page. This will send the individual users a notification telling them that you would like them to follow the page.

Click on “Invite your friend to like this page” on any Facebook page

then simply click “Invite” next to the names of the friends you would like to invite to follow the page. You can also select “All friends” which will list everyone in your friends list allowing you to invite as few or as many of your friends as you like.

2. Share a link to the page on your timeline. This will create a post on your timeline that will be visible to your friends showing that you like the page.

Click on the “…” in the header and from the drop down menu that appears select “Share”

Give it a try now – visit www.facebook.com/prsystems and invite your friends to follow P R Systems.

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