Domain Special Offers – September 2019

Don’t settle for a boring .co.uk or .com domain Every month we have special offers on many of our domains Domain Regular Cost Sale Cost .accountant 26.49 18.99 .agency 18.49 8.49 .band 20.99 8.49 .bid 26.49 5.49 .charity 27.99 16.49 .community 26.49 16.49 .email 18.49 5.49 .events 26.49 16.49 .foundation 26.49 8.49 .gallery 18.49 10.99 […]

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WordPress: Add Bootstrap and Font Awesome Support in Underscores

Some WordPress themes now come with support for Bootstrap and Font Awesome Icons built in, but what if you want to built a theme up from scratch to your own liking. This tutorial will show you how to use Bootstrap 4 and Font Awesome 5 with the Underscores base theme (underscores.me) in WordPress. Add Bootstrap […]

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How to – Invite your Facebook friends to Like a Facebook page

Small businesses thrive when customers pass on their recommendations to friends and family. This is how many businesses continue to grow year on year despite spending a minimal amount on advertising. Face to face it is easy to pass on your recommendations but what about on Facebook? There are two ways to do this: 1. […]

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